Work Less. Manage More.

Keep the gears turning without lifting a finger. How? We do it for you.

No time to manage your website?

Focus on your business and doing what you love while a professional web developer takes care of the mundane stuff. Not sure what “mundane stuff” includes? Websites need to be kept up to date on software, security, SEO, content, and design. But that’s what the pros are for.

I highly recommend Rainbow WP for your website needs.

Angela is very creative, hard-working, knowledgeable and aims to please. Customer service oriented. I am more than pleased with her work on mine.

Rebecca Coffman

Author/Blogger, Drops From Heaven

Website Management

Too busy to manage your website? We get it. We’ll make sure that your information stays up to date and that there’s always a recent backup.

Website Maintenance

A lot goes into maintaining a website. Regular updates to WordPress, themes, and plugins. And security updates too. We’ve got you covered.

Website Monitoring

Stay on top of your website’s performance, both in function and speed and in search engines. We keep track of it for you.

Monthly Website Report

Want to know what’s going on with your site? Get a report each month showing you how you’re doing. It covers important aspects of your site performance like how you’re ranking in searches. It’s comprehensive and easy to read, and it comes straight to your inbox.

How do we take care of your site?

Software Updates

We’ll perform all of your WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates safely.


SEO Tracking

We’ll keep track of how you’re doing in search results for your chosen search terms.


We’ll make a backup of your website every day to make sure there’s always a current copy on hand.


We make sure your website is always functioning at its best and its load time stays fast.


Uptime Monitoring

With 24/7 uptime monitoring, we get an alert if your site goes down so we can fix it promptly.


We conduct scans to check for potential malicious files and vulnerabilities.

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