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You want the best experience for your customers delivered through an engaging and unique website. Make sure everyone knows exactly who you are and what you, while we take care of the technical stuff behind the scenes.

Custom Web Design

We build mobile friendly websites that are unique to you. Don’t settle for cookie cutter templates when you can have a custom solution.

Website Management

We monitor your website for security, updates, and SEO. We’ll manage everything for you so you can focus on your business.

Search & Speed Optimization

Every website needs good SEO and fast page loading to be competitive and visible online. You can count on us to get you set up for success.

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Web Design Projects

See what we can do for you by viewing some of our recent website designs.

Problems We Solve

We strive to provide you with the most comprehensive solution possible. Our website services solve common problems businesses have with online presence.

Don't Have A Business Website

80% of consumers research online before buying. Only 50% of small business owners have a website. We’ll change that for you, and make your presence known!

Website Doesn't Convert

The purpose of most websites is to gain new customers. We add forms, action buttons, and design with lead generation and conversion in mind.

Customers Can't Find You

We’ll add Google maps to help customers get directions to your business. Don’t leave them wondering where you area.

Not Responsive Or Mobile Friendly

Most consumers use websites on the go, so websites have to keep up. Our designs are mobile friendly. We can even redesign your existing site too.

Not Found On Search Engines

Search engines are super competitive these days. We will make sure your website is set up for search engines to see it, so your customers can too.

No Social Media Integration

Social media is a HUGE part of business these days. We integrate your social media accounts with your website to invite your visitors to connect.

Website Looks Old

We will redesign in WordPress so you get a fresh new look, and your website can change and grow with you instead of aging.

No Time For Updates

You’re super busy and don’t have time to do all this website stuff! We get it, so we can take care of it for you.

Need New Features

Need special features your website doesn’t allow, like appointment scheduling and event calendars, we’ve got you covered.
Each business has its own web presence goals. If you need something specific, just ask!

Tell Your Story

It’s all about you! Your website is yor best opportunity to introduce yourself to your customers before they even walk in through the doors. Go ahead and give it a little personality. Show some quirks, or keep it serious. Either way, they’ll know exactly what you have to offer. And we’ll help you get it there.

Strategy & Experience

Our team specializes in WordPress web design for small businesses and startups. Through research and experience, we bring you the latest design trends and best on-page SEO strategies. We make it easy to develop a professional online presence and connect with your customers.

Web Design & Development FAQ

All your burning questions about the process of building a business website, answered right here!

How long does it take to build a business website?

The easy answer is that it depends on the project. But, to break it down a little, it’s going to depend on these factors:

  • Content collection
  • Size & scope of the project
  • Number of revisions requested

It may only take a few days or a few weeks (depending on size and scope of the project) to develop and design the website. However, collecting the content can take quite a while depending on how much of it is prepared before contacting the web designer. If a client still needs to decide branding, get a graphic designer to design the logo, or wait on a photographer to deliver images, a website can take quite a while to finish. It’s okay not to have these things before planning your project with a web designer, but plan on the development beginning after all content has been collected.

Revisions are another thing that can draw out a project. It’s okay to be “picky” (we prefer to refer to it as “specific”), but you can shorten your project time by trying to submit as many revisions as possible in one request.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Our rates will depend on the project, but we kick it off with a WordPress design core package. Then, you can get Add-Ons as needed. We find that this pricing structure gives you the most value for your money, so you don’t have to pay for upgraded packages that have features you’ll never use just to get one feature you do need.

You can find our pricing on our Web Design Packages and Prices page.

How long will it take my website to show up in Google searches?

How quickly your website ranks on Google will depend on which keywords and phrases you’re optimized for, how much competition you have in your area, and what you do to promote your website.

Typically, it takes about 6 months to a year to really start ranking highly. But, you should be able to track improvement along the way.

Tip: Having a blog that you write for consistently will help increase your ranking faster. Having  social media accounts for your business where you share your website, and integrating those with your website will help as well.

Do you do search engine marketing, PPC, or social media marketing?

We take care of the on-page website side of search engine, social media, and general digital marketing. We can create landing pages and even create your banner ads or social media and Adwords ad images for you. 

But, we chose not to add a digital marketer to our team for now. We can only be experts in what we do if we specialize, and our specialty is WordPress and business websites. We’ll give you the keys to success, but you’ll have to drive the car (or find a “chauffeur” so to speak).

Since we have contacts in the industry, we may be able to point you in the direction of a good provider for SEM, PPC, and social media marketing.

Who will host my website or take care of updates?

We offer services to take care of that for you. Our Domains and Hosting Store has domain registration and hosting products that you can purchase for your website. If you don’t know what you need, we’re happy to assist you.

We also offer a website maintenance package for making software and design updates and monitoring security and SEO.

If you want to manage it yourself, we can schedule a meeting to go over it with you.

Do I own my website, and can I copyright it?

You own your website, and you can certainly copyright the content.

We typically add a © symbol with  your business name at the bottom of your website for your benefit. That signals that the content belongs to you, but it doesn’t legally copyright it. You would need to go through the copyright process independently. We do not have to include the copyright symbol if you do not want it.

Because we use WordPress and help you sign up for a hosting account, you have access to the website files. You are free to move the website any time or take it down, as you see fit.

Can you design my logo?

Rainbow WP is primarily a web design and development company. However, we do some light graphic design as well. If you need a logo or need help with branding, we can definitely help you out.

Our graphic design offerings typically extend to logos, custom icons, and basic illustrations. We usually reserve these services for our web design clients, but if you’re in need of anything please feel free to contact us and discuss it.

Can you write copy or content for my website?

Creating the copy and content is one of the most difficult parts of the project. That’s why we like to partner with you on this. We’ll collect information about your business and services or products from you. Then, we can edit the information you provide into search optimized, website-friendly copy.

Sometimes, we can write the entire copy for you. This will depend on how much information we have about your business. If you have an existing website and/or very active social media accounts, we may be able to construct it without much help.

But, we’ll never just “generate” copy for you like some kind of mass-production factory. That would be far too generic to make your site unique and competitive.

Where can I get images for my website? Do you provide stock images?

Some people prefer to provide their own images. For those who don’t, we provide stock images. We have access to thousands of stock images over multiple platforms to choose from.

If you want to include pictures of your staff, your office, or specific products, you will still need to hire a photographer for those. We do web design and a little graphic design here, but most of us can’t take a good picture to save our lives!

How do I know which web designer is right for me?

Choosing a web designer for your business website is personal process. We recommend you choose based on personality or style fit and budget. Some agencies may be too expensive for a small business just starting out. Some designers may not be able to see your vision or understand your style, or may not have the same communication preferences.

We can’t guaranty we’re the right web design company for you. But, the easiest way to find out is to get in touch with us.

I'm not located in Marion, IA. Will you still work with me?


We will work with anyone in the United States. With multiple ways to communicate, it’s easy to work with people outside our immediate service area. The only thing that will be missing would be the in person meeting we typically conduct with our clients. We can replace that with a Skype or Zoom meeting instead, or completely omit it per your preference.

I'm not sure where to start, it's all confusing. What do I do first?

Call us or send an email to get in touch. We can give you a consultation to point you in the right direction, even if you don’t decide to have us build your website.

Please feel free to reach out, or you can visit or blog to get some ideas: Rainbow WP Spectrum blog for web design and business.

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