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Web Design Trends & Tutorials

Our blog is called SPECTRUM because of the wide spectrum of topics we love to write about! From web design trends to SEO, you can learn things about the website industry that will make you more competitive. We even share some of our favorite tools and tips.

5 Businesses who Benefit from Web Design

Websites are Essential to Business It's really common knowledge at this point that ALL businesses benefit from a professional website. Today we're going to pick on a few businesses who often don't have a website or rely on outdated or unprofessional designs. We won't...

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How To Turn Your Services Into Products

Why do I need to productize my services? The simple answer to this is that it's just what people expect to see. We're used to commerce, used to seeing things being packaged and priced, ready to purchase. Advertising has primed us for that environment. That makes it a...

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Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

Getting the Social Images Right It's hard to design a good image for social media if you're not sure how its going to get cropped for display on the page. Use this guide to determine sizes, or at least keep to the same ratios. That'll help you design in tools like...

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Need a Link Building Strategy? Start Networking.

The Trouble with Link Building Anyone who's done at least a little SEO research knows that a link structure and backlinks are an important piece of the puzzle. The level of importance is arguable, and each expert has a different opinion. But, the fact that links...

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6 Plugins Your Website Needs

Reduce Plugins, Increase Performance It's pretty common knowledge that with WordPress, too many plugins can cause performance issues. Some may add to your page load time, and others may have compatibility issues with your theme, other plugins, or custom code. That...

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What Are WordPress Frameworks?

Frameworks: Building Blocks for WordPress The word "framework" sounds kind of daunting, but it's really pretty simple. Several developers have created themes so robust and well-coded that other developers and designers use them as a basis for their own themes. Really,...

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