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What Are WordPress Frameworks?

Frameworks: Building Blocks for WordPress The word "framework" sounds kind of daunting, but it's really pretty simple. Several developers have created themes so robust and well-coded that other developers and designers use them as a basis for their own themes. Really,...

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9 Things Your Web Designer Wishes You Knew

The Customer Is Always Right .. Or Are They? There's nothing more frustrating than working with a creative professional who just doesn't "get" you. But believe me, they're just as frustrated with it as you are. It's not your fault or theirs. Really, it's not anyone's...

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5 Ways To Keep Visitors On Your Website

Visitor Stats & Bounce Rates So you built a website, and you set up some SEO. You connected Google Analytics and Google Search Console ... or some other traffic tracking and SEO evaluation tool. You can see some visitors getting to your website. But here's the...

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Is Alignable better than LinkedIn?

Recommended By Locals As Rainbow WP grows, I've been looking for more ways to network with other business owners. I've added profiles on social media and networking sites I hadn't touched before. I've joined forums and shared information and blog posts. In fact, it...

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Tips For Reducing Your Business Stress

Gen X, Women, and Business Stress I was reading an article the other day about Gen X women and midlife crisis. I'm not Gen X, but a lot of it was still relatable. The midlife crisis seemd to be related to stress in their work and personal lives, most of all stress...

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12 Ways to turn your Website into a Web Application

Don't build a website. What? Doesn't everyone need a website these days? Isn't that what we've been talking about? Sort of. When we talk about online presence and building a website, especially for a business, we're really talking about how to engage new and existing...

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