Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

It’s important to us to keep your information safe … and to protect ours as well.

Website Terms of Use

We allow all visitors to browse this site anonymously – You will not be asked to sign in to view our main content. However, if you wish to comment on our blog, you will be required to fill out a name and email. All comments will be held for admin approval before being posted. So, don’t be too worried if it doesn’t show up right away! We only hold it to make sure it isn’t spam or phishing.

Our site includes links to third parties and outside sources. They’re placed for your convenience when we recommend another company or service, so that you can easily click to them instead of having to search for yourself. While we try to assure some measure of professionalism and authenticity in a company, service, or product (we have usually used them ourselves, extensively) before linking to them, we cannot be responsible for anything that occurs once you have clicked the link & are on the third party website. If you notice a broken link or a link to a website that is no longer live, please Contact Us to let us know! We strive to keep our information current and value your input.

Our content is unique and belongs to us. Please do not attempt to use our content without express permission. This includes copying text and images, mimicking our website design, or even paraphrasing our written content in your own website or blog posts. We love and encourage feedback and reviews, so please feel free to do that. And, if you would like to feature content from one of our posts or pages in your own site, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Privacy Policy

Our website is protected by SSL certificates. We have independently-applied standard SSL certificates that cover information transferred and shared between visitors and our website as well as information transferred between our website and our web server. We use a paid SSL provider, which requires domain validation and comes with a warranty against stolen information.

  • What is an SSL certificate? It’s a layer of encryption applied to information being exchanged over the internet, and you can tell which websites have it by checking for a green lock symbol and “https” in the address bar of your web browser.
  • What kind of information does it protect? It protects any kind of information you submit on this site. We typically only ask for a name and email, and sometimes a written message, usually submitted through a form. But, if we collect payment via this website, that would be covered as well.

In short, this means that any information exchanged on this website is very well protected.

Our website employs a malware scanner and firewall to protect against hacking and phishing attacks. While it mostly protects our website files, it also protects our databases where information obtained from visitors may sometimes be stored. We undergo regular scans (several times a day) for potential attacks or vulnerabilities so that they can be prevented or corrected quickly.

We do not sell visitor information to third parties. However, we do use some third party software for search engine optimization, website maintenance, and other general website health purposes. Those companies may store visitor data to display in charts and graphs for our review. We also collect email addresses and other information through our forms. We will only use that information in contacting you to respond to your request.

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies to save visitor settings and data. This is mainly used to collect traffic data so that we can evaluate our site’s performance and improve upon it. However, it may also be used to save settings and preferences you have chosen within our site. This information will only be shared with the services we use for our own website monitoring and maintenance, such as (but not limited to) Google Analytics. At times we may use this data for ad targeting on various different platforms as well.

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