Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

Getting the social images right

It’s hard to design a good image for social media if you’re not sure how its going to get cropped for display on the page. Use this guide to determine sizes, or at least keep to the same ratios. That’ll help you design in tools like Photoshop and Canva to make sure text and photos you add to a social sharing image don’t get cropped out.

Facebook Image Sizes

Personal Cover

820px x 462px

Business Cover

820px x 312px

Group Cover

1640px x 859px

Event Cover

1200px x 675px

Profile Pic & Logo

180px square


2048px square or 1200px x 628px

Twitter Image Sizes


1500px x 500px

Profile Pic or Logo

400px circle


1200px x 675px

Pinterest Image Sizes

Profile Pic

165px square


600px square, 600px x 900px, or 600px x 1260px

Google Plus Image Sizes


1080px x 608px

Profile Pic or Logo

250px circle


497px x 373px

Instagram Image Sizes

Profile Pic

110px circle


1080px square


1080px x 1920px

LinkedIn Image Sizes

Personal Background

1584px x 396px

Company Cover

1536px x 768px

Profile Pic

400px circle

Company Logo

300px square

Company Banner

646px x 220px

Company Hero

1128px x 376px

YouTube Image Sizes

Channel Art

2560px x 1440px

Profile Pic

800px square

Alignable Image Sizes


1120px x 304px


182px square

Staff Photo

40px circle

Event, Promo, Product, Service

displayed as 206px square and 580px x 363px in different places

Gallery Image

182 square

Tips for Proper Image Sizing

Remember that, even though an image is displayed at a certain size on a social media page, you can still usually upload a larger image size. The upload tool on each site will tell you if the image is too large to upload, but the limits are typically pretty high. Uploading a larger-sized image with the same proportions (use multiples of the dimensions listed in this guide) can sometimes lead to better image display.

A good rule of thumb that I use is to try to stay in the 1000-2000px range for width on cover images, 200-800px square range on profile images and logos (depending on how large it will display on the page), and a 500-1000px range for width on shared images. You may also want to keep in mind that any circular profile images could crop out important parts of a picture, so create those with content focused in the center.

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