How To Turn Your Services Into Products

Why do I need to productize my services?

The simple answer to this is that it’s just what people expect to see. We’re used to commerce, used to seeing things being packaged and priced, ready to purchase. Advertising has primed us for that environment. That makes it a lot harder to sell services. You can make it easier on yourself by converting your services into packaged products.

How to Package a Service as a Product

The key to being able to package your services into a more product-like structure is defining them. You’ll need to establish specific service products, create billing increments into packages, and add pricing values to those.

Get your services organized, bundle them up, and set your pricing.

Defining Specific Services

Some services are hard to group in a way that easily packages as a product. Try starting with an exhaustive list of everything you do. Then, group the list items under 3-5 main types of service. These will become your products.

For example, in web design you might do what we did and have Web Design, Website Maintenance, and SEO as separate services. You might write copy and do some graphic design or some custom code, but that can be included in the “Web Design” product. You might do updates, security scans, and performance tweaks, but those things can be included in the “Website Maintenance” product. And so on.

Deciding on Billing Increments

How do you typically charge your customers? By the hour? By the project? Now that you’ve grouped your services into 3-5 products, you should come up with 1-3 increments by which to charge for those products. These will become your packages.

For example, if you are a therapist you might charge per session. You’d need to define how long the session would be, and that would be your first increment. Then, you can create additional increments, such as: 3 sessions and 7 sessions. This way, customers can decide whether to pay per session or buy a “package” of sessions.

Tip: Give your customers a discount when they buy more, just like a retail website would.

Adding Pricing Values

Once you have your services split up into products and those products bundled into packages, you need to add a price to each package. Customers need to know what they’re buying, but they also need to know how much it will cost. This should be the easiest step in the process, because you probably already know how much you charge per hour or session (or whatever increment you charge by).

Since you have packages, you can provide an incentive for customers to purchase in bulk by offering a discount on your larger packages. Taking the therapist example above, the single session may be full price, but the therapist could lower the price of the 3-session package by 10% and a lower the 7-session package a little more. Then, customers can see the value in spending more.

Display your new Product Packages on your Website

Ecommerce is huge, so choosing how you show your new service “products” on your website could be considered the most important step here. The whole point of turning them into product packages is to entice people to buy, and design play a big role in that as well. Here are some tips to make sure you didn’t just waste your time:

  • Cards – Display each product in its own box, with a card-like layout
  • Buttons – Even if customers have to contact you to purchase, use a button on each product for the to do so.
  • Discounts – If you discounted any of your packages, show the discount value on those packages. Don’t make your customers do the math.
  • Popular – Put a banner or other call-out on the most popular products/packages.
  • Lists – List everything included in the product/package underneath the title in list format instead of a paragraph description.
  • Pop – Make your products pop out by contrasting their section with the rest of the page. If your background is usually white, give that section a colored background.

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