Tips For Reducing Your Business Stress

Gen X women have a lot of business stress

I was reading an article the other day about Gen X women and midlife crisis. I’m not Gen X, but a lot of it was still relatable. The midlife crisis seemd to be related to stress in their work and personal lives, most of all stress over finances and business. Because, as it turns out, Gen X woman tended to be far more likely to own, run, or start a business.

It made me think about business stress, and how it affects our lives and work. Not just for Gen X women, but for all of us. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers. So, I set about getting some feedback on what my peers were doing to manage business stress. I broke down the results for you here.

Stay Organized

1. Make Lists

Some of my fellow business owners said that they make lists for everything. It helps them keep track of their goals. They like being able to check items off the list to make sure they’re headed in the right direction and not getting sidetracked.

2. Use Your Calendar

Many people were micromanaging their calendars to make sure there were no surprises. Putting everything in a specific time block allowed them to keep from getting overwhelmed or overworked.

3. Schedule Downtime

On the same token, my peers said that they scheduled time for themselves as well as for work tasks. And then they adhered to that schedule to make sure they got necessary breaks. One woman advocated for always making yourself take a lunch break and spreading your work out through the day so you could give your best effort.

4. Designated Work Areas & Attire

A long time business owner brought up the important fact that, when you work from your home, it’s easy to let your work and your home life merge. He recommended keeping them separately defined by designating a work area and ONLY doing work there. He also said he liked to dress for work, and it helped him get into the right mindset. Keeping your home life out of your work also means your work won’t seep into your home life. If you don’t keep them separate, you may find yourself working 24/7 before you realize it.

Take Care Of Yourself

1. Enjoy The Moment

One contributor encouraged me to just enjoy the moment when I take my breaks. Just sit there, enjoying life. And that makes sense. Because if you’re already thinking about the next task you need to complete once your break is over, you’re not really taking a break.

2. Exercise Control & Let Go

Something that really resonated with me, was one person’s idea that you should realize what is within your control … and what is not. Anything that isn’t within your control, you should let go. It won’t do you any good to obsess over it if there’s nothing you can do about it. A lot of managing business stress seems to be about acceptance.

3. Refuel

Food and beverages were a common theme. One man said he liked to have healthy snacks throughout the day. A woman said she enjoyed an adult beverage or two. It’s important to make sure you have the fuel to get your job done right, whether that fuel contributes to your energy levels or your mental health.

4. Be Ready To Walk Away

Not from your business, but from “opportunities.” According to some, it was also important to realize when a project (even a high paying one) wasn’t going to be worth the stress. They said to be prepared to make that assessment and walk away if necessary.


Something that came up and spurred much discussion was the theme of community. Everyone was in agreement that a supoprt network is a necessary component to reducing business stress.. Get a little help when you’re overwhelmed or need a break. If you work from home, see if you can get someone to take the family out of the house and give you some quiet time to focus. Or get yourself out of the house.

As much as you need your support network, you also need a great team. Vet your team members as much as possible before brining them on, and get the right personalities working with you. Ending up with people who just don’t jive is only going to cause you more stress. But, finding your tribe will reduce your work load and mental burden immensely. I’m lucky enough to have found my tribe in my Rainbow WP team.

Leaving Business Stress Behind

I found a lot of great tips from my fellow business owners, and I plan to put them into practice. Hopefully, this will lead to a much better, and less stressful, work life. How about you? If you have any tips for reducing business stress, leave a comment and let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

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